Time Management

Blog Smarter and Eat Breakfast Too

TweetOptimize your blogging practices at Fairhaven’s first Smart Bloggers Breakfast. Enjoy fresh coffee and delectable breakfast options while learning the latest blogging tips & tricks. Download the Smart Bloggers Breakfast flyer pdf.   The Smart Bloggers Breakfast is a practical, delicious…

Happiness = Success; 3 Research-Based Ways to Cultivate It

When it comes to energy management tools, happiness is an emotional Swiss Army Knife. It handles everything. Happy people are healthier, wealthier, more successful at work and school, more creative, have better coping skills, enjoy better relationships and live longer. Research tells us we can actually cultivate it with just 3 behaviors. And here they are….

5 Great Take-A-Ways from Seth Godin Interview

TweetI just watched Michael Sliwinski’s 10-minute chat with Seth Godin. The discussion circled around Seth’s prolific content development schedule. I’d encourage anyone involved with writing or blogging or starting a business to watch the interview. The following are a few quick…