The DIY Walkstation Treadmill that Tripled My Productivity

The karmic backlash for trying to overcome procrastination is the immediate onset of an excuse tsunami — a galvanized frontal assault of fabulous rationalizations. It’s tempting to cave in. Here’s how I handled a similar situation and bested it…

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My Procrastination Trick: How I Accomplish Unpleasant Tasks On Time

As a self-employed single mom of two teens, my plate is constantly full. In the past I’ve typically used pressure to help me manage the demands.

Pressure Works But it Sucks

Dave paddling in front of an oil tanker.
Dave responds well to pressure.

Pressure galvanizes my attention. It’s a hangover from cramming for tests. Unfortunately, like cramming, it has the same end result: things get done but nothing sticks.

  • Pressure doesn’t cultivate excellence.
  • It doesn’t change behavior. 
  • It perpetuates last-minute living.
  • It’s an exhausting way to live.

A few years ago I started to categorize my tasks as pleasant and unpleasant. It was all tongue-in-cheek. Someone would ask, what are you doing today? I’d smile and answer,
“I have several things to do, some of which are unpleasant.”
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5 Great Take-A-Ways from Seth Godin Interview

I just watched Michael Sliwinski’s 10-minute chat with Seth Godin. The discussion circled around Seth’s prolific content development schedule. I’d encourage anyone involved with writing or blogging or starting a business to watch the interview.

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How to Blog Successfully with “Good Enough” as Your Guide

Good Writing isn’t Bad

Lorne Michaels from Saturday Night Live says,
“SNL doesn’t run because its ready, it runs because its 11:30.”

Writer Benita Bowen recently interviewed me for her blog,  Writing From the Beginning.  What follows is an elaborated excerpt from that interview.

Q. Dawn, we both know that writing happens because you commit to doing it, but how do you carve out the time to write?  I know that your post, 5 Takeaways from the Seth Godin Interview touches on keeping balance in your life, but how do you apply those lessons to your writing?

I’ve embraced “good enough.”

fabulous  to the rescue
Superhero FABULOUSA to the rescue

I strive to be fabulous but I’ve learned to post when i’m just good-enuff.

If you don’t see a blog update for a few weeks, it’s usually because I’m sucked into the fabulous mind trap again.

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Peter Bregman is a Do-Nothing Guy

A Kayaker’s Take on Peter Bregman’s HBR Article

Author and business strategist, Peter Bregman, recently posted an excellent Harvard Business Review blog piece entitled, Restore Yourself to Your Factory Default Settings. In it, he touts the wisdom gained from a short do-nothing break.

Asleep in a kayak
Doing Nothing Rather Well

When you unplug and wait for a minute, you restore yourself to your factory default settings, which for most of us tends to be generous, open-hearted, creative, connected, and hopeful. ” -PB

His subsequent article, When Nothing Works, explored the concept more radically.

“In my last blog post, Restore Yourself to Your Factory Default Settings, I suggested that doing nothing for a minute might help change things. Sometimes, though, it’s worth taking that to the extreme.“-PB [Read more…]